A.A Milne — Winnie the Pooh

Jessica Elfrida
2 min readNov 27, 2021


A very entertaining book indeed! Pooh was a familiar associate of mine for a long time, but it was after reading this book that I understand clearly, how silly this old bear was.

And, a big revelation for me, that his real name was Edward Bear! Nice to meet you, Edward!

There were 3 particular parts that chuckled me along this book.

“And I say, old fellow, you are taking a great deal of room in my house — do you mind if I use your back leg as a towel horse? I mean, there they are, doing nothing, and it would be very convenient just to hang the towels on them!”

It was Rabbit’s saying during the infamous incident of Pooh stuck in Rabbit’s hole after nearly emptying Rabbit’s stock supply. Super innocently Rabbit was giving the idea to use Pooh’s back leg for towel. A friend of mine who is a very Pooh lover said, in the animated film, Rabbit was even decorating Pooh back leg during this incident!

And the last and smallest friend-and-relation was so upset to find the whole Expotition was saying “Hush!” to him, that he buried himself head downwards in a crack in the ground, and stayed there for two days until the danger was over, and then went home in a great hurry, and lived quietly with his aunt ever afterwards. His name was Alexander Beetle.

Superb side storyline indeed! It was in the middle of North Pole Expedition (since Pooh could not say it, he ended up using Expotition throughout the whole story). The bit on conversation between Christopher Robin and Rabbit was also entertaining — how both of them refused to let the other one know that they didn’t have a clue on what North Pole was.

When Pooh saw what it was, he nearly fell down because he was so pleased. It was a Special Pencil Case. There were pencils in it marked “B” for Bear, pencils marked “HB” for Helping Bear, and pencils marked “BB” for Brave Bear.

I laughed out loud when I read this one. A bit of innocent narcissistic element to itself, but these kind of things made me understand why Christopher Robin always said “Silly old bear”.



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